When our world crashed, you held our hands and lift us up. Amidst the tears that floods your heart...

An appreciation letter for the best man of our lives… written June 20, 2010.


Cheers to one dear man who’ve stood by us through thick and thin, rain or shine, rise or fall, through triumphs and devastation. The man we’ve emulated when it comes to being a family man and as a person. Papa, thank you for being you. You’ve taught us to be hardworking, responsible individuals. We are who we are because of you and mama..



I have loved the written word because of you. I kept reminiscing of the times we both perused nursery rhymes, children’s comics to story books. Or, the times that you let us experiment on things and discover the pros and cons. Or the times, when you taught us to ride a bike, to a motorcycle to driving a car. To let us stumble on our mistakes and learn to stand on our feet, armed with the new knowledge life has to teach us, knowing that we have supportive parents who lets us know that they are there at all times. These, are the most cherished moments of our lives.


Papa, you’ve shown us how it is to be a real man. A real man like you is not ashamed to admit one’s mistakes and make up for it. A real rounded man like you is not ashamed to do even the most mundane chores. A man like you is not embarrassed to be seen at your lowest, to stand out to show us that you’re there to defend us and let us know that we are far from being defeated.


We have been through a lot, we’ve had our shares of ups and downs. Too much heartache has befallen us. We’ve learned to take care of our mended hearts, and we’ve proven to all that our family can weather all storms.


We are very proud of you. You have become mama’s legs when she’d lost one of hers. You were her feet to walk for her when she could no longer do so. You’ve shown us what true love is all about, of how devoted you were to mama, most especially from the start of her illness until the end. You never ever left her side. You have sacrificed so much for her. The both of you could not function well without the other.


You were the one most devastated when we lost her, and yet, you were the one who kept on prodding us to be strong. It was the lowest and gloomiest time of our life, we’ve shed tons of tears and felt our hearts shattered, but you kept encouraging us and kept telling us that we have to draw strength from each other to surpass the most trying time, to pray for God’s guidance and withstand it all.


An ordinary man would have left us long time ago and let us suffer and lick our wounds alone. But, because you are you, you’ve withstood all the storms with us, because you’re no ordinary man. You’ve told us countless times that life is not always about tangible things, but most of all it’s about how to make others happy because of you as a person.


Papa, you’re simply the best, and for us you’re incomparable. We want the world to know how very proud we are of you. THANK YOU dear papa! We know that mama in heaven is also very proud of you. WE LOVE YOU AND HAPPY FATHERS DAY! We wish for you a longer life and enjoy God’s blessings in the coming days.



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